ECOlunchbox Isothermal Stainless Steel Food Container 355ml


The 100% stainless steel food storage container is durable and designed for long term use in transporting food to work and school and any outdoor activity, camping, picnics, etc.

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Unique, with no plastic parts and excellent isothermal performance, the new Blue Water Bento Isothermal Food Container with bamboo lid features an innovative circular design. The food container is vacuum insulated and has a capacity of 355ml. It keeps food hot or cold for 8+ hours and is made of fully recyclable and biodegradable materials: stainless steel, silicone and bamboo.

Like all of our ECOlunchbox products, the Blue Water Bento Isothermal Food Container with Bamboo Lid is sturdy, unbreakable and built to last for years of use. However, users can rest easy knowing that when their environmentally friendly isothermal cookware is no longer useful, we designed it with a cradle-to-cradle philosophy so that nothing ends up in the trash. Its materials are designed to be 100% dismantled and sorted so that the steel and silicone can be recycled and the bamboo can be biodegraded. Unlike conventional thermal containers made of various materials, including plastic screw caps and stainless steel container bases, the non-toxic design of the ECOlunchbox isothermal container with bamboo lid is healthy for people and the planet at every stage of its life cycle.

We think you’ll also like the other great features of the product, such as the large 10cm opening of the container, which makes it so comfortable and easy to eat hot soups or stews with a large spoon. Say goodbye to tall narrow containers. Also, the smooth rim of the pot makes it soft on the lips and ideal for drinking, whether it’s soup or sparkling cappuccino!

The Blue Water Bento Isothermal Food Container’s “leak-free” silicone rubber is unrolled for easy thorough cleaning. The hose includes a pull tab to release the pressure due to the different temperature.


Product Information:

  • 100% plastic-free, vacuum-insulated, isothermal food container. Includes a bamboo lid and keeps food hot or cold for 8+ hours.
  • Made of 18/8 stainless steel, 304 series and bamboo.
  • Total capacity 355ml.
  • Wide opening, ideal for eating with a spoon/fork or drinking by mouth.
  • The isothermal vessel is 10cm in diameter and 11,5cm high.
  • The silicone rubber offers a perfect seal and includes a pull tab for easy opening. Sometimes isothermal pots may not open due to the pressure created by the temperature difference. Pulling the tab releases the pressure and the vessel will open easily.
  • Bamboo lid with engraved designs of the ocean.
  • Easy to clean, removable silicone rubber for hygienic cleaning.
  • Stainless steel folding carrying handle.
  • Cradle to cradle design and philosophy with fully recyclable (base and lid) and biodegradable (lid) materials.
  • The inside of the lid is stainless steel and not plastic.
  • The container can be washed in the dishwasher. The lid is recommended for hand cleaning.
  • The weight is engraved on the bottom of the container to allow easy purchase of zero meals in hot or cold food bars where charges are set by weight.
  • Responsibly made in China.

Dimensions: 11,5cm x 10cm diameter

Capacity: 355ml

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