Thermal bottles and canteens

Water is not only necessary to quench your thirst, but also to provide you with essential nutrients. However, the presence of contaminants in water can have adverse effects on your health. That is why you should not only pay attention to the process of water purification but also to the way of water storage. Many of us have the habit of storing water in plastic bottles, which do more harm than good. Plastics are loaded with harmful chemicals and BPA, which can lead to various diseases. A smart move is to store water in stainless steel thermos bottles.

Stainless steel thermos water bottles not only maintain the temperature of hot or cold beverages but also keep them chemical-free.

Pollution, both of air and water, is a growing concern worldwide. A major contributor to both air and water pollution is the use of plastic bottles. The disposal of plastic bottles leads to excessive levels of water pollution, while the burning of plastic bottles leads to air pollution. Stainless steel thermos bottles are, however, an environmentally friendly option as they are made from natural elements. Stainless steel bottles can also be recycled, making them 100% environmentally friendly products.

Plastic bottles harbour bacteria, which can lead to various health problems. Stainless steel thermos bottles do not react, which is why they do not leak and do not need lining. In addition, stainless steel bottles do not accumulate bacteria, which makes them extremely safe to use.