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Personal data protection statement


All intellectual property rights (including copyright, software rights, database rights, patents, know-how, underlying algorithms, trademarks, logos, trade names and other trade marks, as well as other similar rights such as, but not limited to, registrations, requests, renewals) related to our website belong to the ecoliving.gr Online Store. This also applies to any modifications to our website.


Certain elements of our website include open source software that may be the property of third parties (“Open Source Software”). The use of the Open Source Software is governed by the terms under which it is made available. These terms do not apply to the use of Open Source Software.


  1. The ecoliving.gr Online Store respects your privacy


1.1 The protection of your privacy when processing your personal data as well as the security of all business data is an important issue that we take into account in the course of our business activities. The processing of personal data collected during your visit to our website and mobile apps is done confidentially and exclusively in accordance with current legislation.


1.2 Personal data protection and information security are part of our company policy.


  1. Collection, maintenance and generally processing of personal data


Personal data is any information that refers to and identifies or can identify a natural person, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, profession, financial situation.


  1. We collect, process and keep personal data


Name, surname, and addresses including IP addresses only if you have given us your express consent (e.g. in the context of a registration, survey, competition or for the conclusion of the contract), with the exception of the application relevant legal dictates, indicatively stating the need to process personal data in the context of a legally imposed obligation of ecoliving.gr or in the context of executing a contract with a counterparty the subject of the personal data.


  1. Purpose of personal data processing


ecoliving.gr, in its capacity as controller, uses and generally processes your personal data for the purpose of technical management of the website and mobile apps, for customer management in the sense of monitoring the history of transactions with each customer and their invoicing, for product inquiries and for any questions you may submit to us only to the extent and for as long as is necessary to fulfill this purpose.


  1. Transmission of personal data to third parties for the purpose of their processing


ecoliving.gr has outsourced tasks to external service providers, such as sales and marketing services, contract management, payment settlement, programming, data hosting and customer service hotline. These providers act as processors, as they process personal data at the behest and on behalf of ecoliving.gr. ecoliving.gr has carefully selected these service providers and monitors them regularly, especially for the careful use and safeguarding of the data stored in them. All service providers are required by ecoliving.gr to maintain confidentiality and comply with the provisions of the law.


  1. Use of cookies


6.1 General

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. With the help of these files it can be detected if your end device has already communicated with our website. Reading cookies allows us to configure our website accordingly for you and make it easier for you to use.


6.2 Cookies of ecoliving.gr


ecoliving.gr uses cookies and functional elements (e.g. JavaScript), to be able to monitor the preferences of visitors and to ideally adapt the design of the website.


6.3 Third-party cookies The ecoliving.gr website integrates content and services from other providers (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), which in turn may use cookies and active elements. ecoliving.gr has no influence on the processing of personal data by these providers.


6.4 Deactivation and deletion of cookies

When you visit our websites, ask in a Cookie-Layer Pop Up if you would like to allow cookies, which are on our website, or if you want to disable them in the settings.

If you decide not to allow cookies, then an Opt-Out cookie is set in your browser. The Opt-Out system means that natural or legal persons can state their objection, regarding the processing of their data, directly to the controller. This cookie is used exclusively to match your objection. However, deactivating cookies may result in certain functions of our website being no longer available. Please note that an Opt-Out cookie for technical reasons can only be used for the browser from which it is set. When you delete cookies or use another browser or another end device, you must perform the “Opt-Out” objection function again.


However, the configuration option does not cover those cookies, which were set during your visit to third-party websites by other providers.


Through your browser, however, you can delete all Cookies at any time. Therefore consult the help functions of your browser. And this may however lead to certain features no longer being available to you.


  1. Use of retargeting tools


7.1 To optimize the online marketing of ecoliving.gr we use retargeting technologies. In this way, the online offer is more interesting for you and adapted to your needs.


7.2 With the use of cookies, which record your interest in our products and services as well as through the analysis of your usage behavior, we can serve you with personalized advertising relevant to your interests on the websites of our Retargeting partners, such as Google AdWords. However, this takes place anonymously, so that you cannot be identified through retargeting.


7.3 Retargeting tools are only used if you have given us your consent. Therefore, you should have accepted the use of the relevant cookies, as described in point 6 above.


  1. Use of conversion tracking


8.1 In order to make our online offer as attractive as possible to our users, we use so-called conversion tracking.


8.2. Our conversion tracking partners, such as Google AdWords, place a cookie on your computer (“conversion cookie”) in this analysis service, if you end up on our website through an advertisement of the respective partner. These cookies expire after 30 days. In case you visit


some of our pages and the cookie has not yet expired, then we and our respective conversion tracking partner can recognize that someone has clicked on the ad and thus been forwarded to our page. Cookies cannot be tracked through our website. The information collected with the help of the conversion-cookie is used to create conversion statistics (conversion statistics) and to verify the total number of users who clicked on the respective advertisement and were forwarded to a page marked with a conversion-tracking- tags.


However, this takes place anonymously, so that you cannot be identified through conversion tracking.


8.3 The use of conversion tracking is only used if you have given us your consent. Therefore, you should have accepted the use of the relevant cookies, as described in point 6 above.


  1. Use of Analysis Tools


9.1 For the websites, ecoliving.gr performs access measurements with network analysis tools, such as WebTrends.


9.2 When selecting analysis tools we ensure that they collect access data exclusively anonymously, so that no connection to a user can be established. In particular this happens through the anonymization of the IP address. Cookies are used for measurement, to enable the analysis of its use website. In particular, ecoliving.gr can thus improve the quality of the data. The information obtained regarding the use of the web pages is transferred to the statistics server, which operates at ecoliving.gr. Only authorized persons have access to this anonymous data.


9.3 When you do not wish to use corresponding analysis cookies, then act as in point 6.4.


10 Use of Social Plugins


10.1 ecoliving.gr uses on its website and mobile apps the so-called Social Plugins from social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This is about trigger fields, such as the “Facebook Like Button”.


10.2 With the so-called double-click method we protect you from the standard detection and evaluation of your visit to our websites by the social network provider. If you visit a page of our website that includes such plugins, they are initially disabled. Only when you click on the offered button, the plugins are activated. With this activation, you obtain the connection to the respective social network and declare your consent to the transmission of your data. If you press the corresponding button, the corresponding information is transferred directly from your browser to the respective social network and stored there. If you want to end the transfer, then you need to deactivate the plugin again.


10.3 When you are connected to a social network, data collected during your visit may be cross-referenced with your own stored membership data. If you do not wish for the corresponding social network to associate the data collected during your visit with your own stored membership data, you must log out before activating the Social button


Plugin (social network plug-in) from the respective social network.


10.4 For information about the purpose and scope of data collection, the further processing and use of data by the social network as well as your respective rights and the possibilities of setting for the protection of your property, please refer to the data protection instructions of the respective social network.


11 Use of registration services


11.1 We offer you the possibility to connect to our website and our mobile apps with so-called Social-Logins, such as Facebook-Connect.


11.2 To register, you are taken to the page of the respective social networking service, where you can log in with your data there. This means that the account you keep on the respective network is connected to our service. Here, in case of your consent, the information of your public profile there, your electronic address (e-mail) and the identification data of your online friends are transferred via the corresponding social networking service to us.


Instead, the social networking service used for registration receives your connection status, browser information and your IP address, when you give us your consent when visiting our website.


11.3 When you do not want data to be transferred between us and the social networking service, then do not log in through the social registration services, but use our own login services instead.


12 Advertisement


12.1 Consent and revocation

When you give us personal data, we use it so that we can inform you about our products and services and possibly ask for your opinion about them, provided that you have therefore given us your explicit consent to use the personal data your data for advertising and market research purposes. If we use a market research institute for research, then it acts as a processor exclusively at the behest and in accordance with the instructions of ecoliving.gr.


If you have given us your consent for advertising use and/or for market research, but in the future you no longer wish to receive any advertising or inquire about our products and services from ecoliving.gr, then you can withdraw your consent you at any time for the future by following the following procedure: Send us an email to info@ecoliving.gr regarding the deletion of personal data requesting their deletion.


Then your data will be deleted accordingly or in case it is still necessary for invoicing and accounting purposes it will be used only for the management of our customer relationship.


12.2 Newsletter


On our website and apps you can possibly to subscribe to the Newsletter. We will send you a Newsletter by e-mail, mobile information services (such as WhatsApp), SMS or push notification if you first take the following action by clicking on a link in a message, with which you will


explicitly confirm to us the activation of the Newsletter download service. If you subsequently decide not to receive ecoliving.gr Newsletters, you can terminate your subscription at any time by withdrawing your consent. The withdrawal of consent to receive a Newsletter by electronic mail (e-mail) is carried out via the link printed in the Newsletter or via e-mail to the service agents or in the management settings of our website. For a mobile Newsletter, revocation is carried out by sending the message “Stopp” to the respective distributor.


13 Mobile applications


13.1 Use of our mobile applications (mobile apps) In addition to our online offer, we make mobile apps available to you, which you can download to your mobile end device. In this case you also have the rights described here. In addition to the data collected on the websites, we collect further personal data in our mobile applications, which arise specifically from the use of a mobile end device. But this only happens when you have given us your consent each time.


13.2 Collection of your location data Our offer also includes the so-called “Location Based Services”, with which we offer you special offers, related to your current location. In order to be able to offer you these functions of the application (App), we collect your location data via GPS and your IP address, when you have given your consent. You can enable or revoke this function at any time in the settings of the respective application (App) or your operating system by taking the necessary actions.


13.3 Collection of the Advertising Identifier/Advertising ID For advertising purposes, we use the so-called “Advertising Identifier” (IDFA) for iOS and the so-called Advertising ID for Android in case of consent. These are unique, but non-personalized and non-permanent identification numbers for a specific end device, generated via iOS or Android. This collected data is not linked to other information related to the tools. We use their identification numbers to provide you with personalized advertising and to be able to evaluate your usage. When in iOS settings you enable “No Ad-Tracking” in “Privacy” – “Advertising” or in Android you enable “Disable interest-based advertising” in “Google Settings” – “Advertising”, we can only receive following measures: Measuring your interaction with a banner by measuring the number of views of a banner without clicking on it (“frequency capping”), click-through rate, unique user verification (“unique user”) as well as security measures, dealing with fraud and error handling. You can delete the IDFA (advertising identifier) or Advertising ID (Advertising ID) (“Reset Ad-ID”) at any time in the device settings, after which a new identification number is created, which is not combined with the previously collected data. We draw your attention to the fact that you may not be able to use all the functions of our applications (Apps) when you limit the use of the indicated identification numbers.


13.4 App Store Data Transfer

During the installation process of an application, no data collection takes place on our part and the transmission of data such as username, e-mail address and unique device code to the App Store is outside our sphere of control. We have no involvement in this data collection


14 Use of external links (link)


The web pages of ecoliving.gr may include links to third party websites – with providers, who are not connected to us. When you click on the link, we no longer have any responsibility – involvement in the collection, processing and use of the personal data transmitted to third parties by clicking on the link (such as the IP address or the URL of the page , which contains the link), because the actions of third parties are, of course, beyond our control. ecoliving.gr bears no responsibility for the processing of such personal data by third parties.


15 Security


15.1 The partners and those in charge of ecoliving.gr service providers are required to maintain confidentiality and comply with the applicable legislation (EU and national) on personal data protection, the decisions of the competent Authority and these terms.


15.2 ecoliving.gr takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the data we manage from falsification, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons or from unauthorized disclosure. Our security measures are constantly being improved, corresponding to the development of technology.


16 Information and correction


Users have the right, at any time, to demand information about the personal data stored about them and to find out whether their personal data is or has been the subject of processing. In addition, users have the right to object at any time, including correction, to the processing of their data. For this purpose, any request they may have should be submitted in writing to ecoliving.gr, as detailed in clause 18.


  1. Revocation and deletion


17.1 In addition, you may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the future.


17.2. The deletion of personal data takes place when you withdraw your consent to their storage and processing in general, when the knowledge of the personal data is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the intended purpose of the processing, or when the processing for other legal reasons is not is permissible.


17.3. Data required for billing and accounting purposes or subject to legal retention requirements, not


are affected. As long as access is not necessary, this data is also blocked.


  1. Contact


For information, corrections, suggestions and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, as well as for the withdrawal of your consent, you can contact the person responsible for personal data processing issues by letter or e-mail at the email info @ecoliving.gr


Limitation of Liability

ecoliving.gr has made every effort to depict the products it has as accurately as possible by displaying photos, descriptions and more specific comments. However, this website may contain errors (typographic, numerical and illustration). ecoliving.gr does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the illustrations and descriptions or the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information mentioned or available on this Website.


Modification of the terms hereof

ecoliving.gr reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions and undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition to the terms.


Ownership – Trademarks

The content of the website, the logo ecoliving.gr and the trademark Eco Living Greece are the property of the company MOUSSAS G. NIKOLAOS with VAT number 108155775 DOU KO NO. GEMI 123836320000 and registered office in Kalymnos. Product and company names mentioned on this website may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. Your access to this website should not be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any symbols, logos, images, representations displayed on this website, without our prior written consent or that of any third party owner their.


Product Shipments


All our products are shipped in Greece with Speedex and ACS courier companies. In cooperation with the best courier companies in Greece, your order is at your place immediately within 2-3 days. Shipping costs are borne by the recipient.


Eco Living will pack and ship your order within 1-2 business days for the most immediate delivery of your order BUT is not responsible for any delays that may occur from courier companies.


Shipping costs are €3 or 3.5€ per parcel up to 2 kg. For each additional kilo the charge is €1.20. In the event that your area is considered inaccessible by the courier companies, then your package should be collected from the nearest store of the courier company.


In case you choose to pay by cash on delivery, the cost of cash on delivery is €2.


All above prices include VAT

For shipments outside Greece all orders are shipped with Elta registered email and or DPD.

We will pack your order as soon as possible in order to make sure that it will be shipped the sooner we can.

Delivery time varies according the country of delivery so please check regularly the tracking number you will receive in order to track your order.

In case your order is shipped with ELTA registered email keep in mind that once the package is exported from Greece, you can continue to track it at your local registered mail sevice.


Free shipping for Greece


For orders over €60, ecoliving.gr gives you free shipping! Free shipping is valid for the whole of Greece and ONLY for the areas which are NOT characterized as Inaccessible or Remote by the cooperating Courier company. Also the total weight of your order must NOT exceed 3 kg.


Withdrawal and Product Returns

You have the right to return the products you buy, free of charge and without having to inform us of the reason why you wish to return the products, within 14 days from the date you receive them. In this case, you only bear the direct cost of returning the products (transportation to and from ecoliving.gr). Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them, i.e. without their packaging being unsealed or tampered with, together with the documents, the retail receipt and the packaging that accompanied the product. If the products are returned, your refund will be completed within thirty days from the date we receive the products.


Returns are NOT made on all personal hygiene products such as menstrual cups, napkins, napkins, etc. for hygiene reasons. In any case, the return costs are borne by the customer.


For purchases with an invoice, it is not possible to cancel the order. According to the legislation (Law 2251/1994 ‘Consumer Protection’), any purchase accompanied by an invoice is excluded from the right of withdrawal from the distance contract, which includes the cancellation of the order.


In case of non-receipt of the sent order and after the order has been returned to our store, the customer is obliged to pay the cost of transport to and from Eco Living Greece. In case the payment of the order has been made via bank or credit card, then Eco Living Greece will return to the customer the difference resulting from the total order minus the cost of transport for the shipment and return of the order to Eco Living Greece.


Third Party Websites

To facilitate your access to its websites, ecoliving.gr may include links to Internet websites, which are the property of third parties or are managed by third parties and are themselves responsible for their content.


Product Prices

All prices presented in our catalogs include VAT. 24%. These prices refer to the quantities available in our warehouse, while ecoliving.gr reserves the right to adjust the prices. For certain regions of Greece for which normal VAT rates apply and if your order is made with an invoice, then the prices of the products are according to the applicable VAT regime of the region, in which case they may be higher than those indicated in the reduced VAT. For credit card installment transactions, the monthly installment amount is the product price divided by the number of installments you have chosen, without any additional interest.


Collect and redeem points


ecoliving.gr offers you the possibility to collect and redeem points from its online store. Customers can earn points from their total purchases and redeem them in subsequent ones as they wish, earning a discount on the final total of their order with a maximum benefit per order of €5.


In any case of an error in calculating points or calculating a discount from the ecoliving.gr application, the store itself is responsible for correcting the error, with the right to recalculate the customer’s points as well as the discount. The store can configure or cancel any order that does not meet the above conditions by returning the payment of the entire order to the consumer.


Applicable Law

All transactions you carry out through ecoliving.gr are governed by International and European law that regulates issues related to electronic commerce (Directive 2000/31/EC, PD 131/2003) as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (N 2251/1994) which regulates issues related to distance sales.