Wrapi food wipes Extra Large


Replace foil and plastic wrap for food storage and packaging with a wax cloth!


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This extra-large wax wrap is a reusable food wrap that fits perfectly on all kinds of large utensils, such as salad bowls or tart plates.

Wrapi is the reusable, hygienic and practical alternative to plastic wrapping and plastic films. It can be used to cover a plate or a bowl, but can also be used to wrap food directly to keep it healthy and fresh for longer.

It protects your cucumbers, covers your bowls and brightens up your trash cans!

Feasting. reusable & biodegradable. Waterproof | Breathable | No Essential Oils

  • Wax wipes are a perfect replacement for aluminium foil and plastic wrap for food storage and packaging.
  • They do not release harmful chemicals into food and help reduce the amount of plastics that end up in landfills and in our oceans.
  • Zero waste: reusable and compostable.


Place the Wrapi on a support (piece of fruit, bowl, etc.) and surround it with your hands: the heat of these makes it sticky.

Avoid exposure to heat, sun, oven or microwave.

Wash in cold water, with a small drop of washing-up liquid if necessary. Let it dry thoroughly before using it again. It will not stick when it is wet.

Keep away from dust. It can be reused between 6 and 12 months.

The package includes: 2 wipes

Dimensions: hexagonal diameter 36 cm


Wrapi has been laboratory tested and is suitable for repeated food contact with aqueous and/or acidic foods.

It is not suitable for fatty foods (such as oil or butter). Also avoid using it in raw meat and fish.

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