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Not only a nice smell, but also a good feeling. Because everyone wants to return home with a nice smell and a pleasant atmosphere in the house. How nice is it if this can be done with a responsible and good feeling?! Discover We Love Diffusers and enjoy!

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The Charming Chestnut diffuser is a combination of completely natural essential oils and an additional natural fragrance. The fragrance used is entirely extracted from essential oils and therefore completely natural.

Charming Chestnut (natural fragrance)

Charming Chestnut has a strong but above all charming aroma. Apart from Spiritual Spa, it is our favourite fragrance and is also often used in the catering industry. The combination of, among others, candied chestnuts, mimosa and vanilla provides a full, warm aroma experience.

Package content Diffuser 50ml

1 bottle of Charming Chestnut 50ml
2 bundles of small cabin sticks

Content: 50ml (12-16 weeks of regular use)

The Charming Chestnut Diffuser 50ml consists of a combination of completely natural essential oils and an additional natural fragrance. The natural fragrance is extracted from essential oils and is therefore completely natural.

Due to the natural composition of our diffusers, they last at least twice as long as other diffusers. With normal use, with 2-3 sticks, the average time of use with a 50ml diffuser is between 12-16 weeks. So you can enjoy it for a long time! Please note: this is a natural product and therefore the duration of use is related to various environmental effects. Such as the airflow, the size of the room and the number of sticks used. Replace the sticks every 2 weeks for optimal fragrance.

The diffuser is complete with 2 bundles of wooden aromatic sticks made from washed and dried reed, called Sida Rhombifolia Linn. These kajute sticks are collected by hand. They grow like weeds in the nature around our factory. These sticks are extremely important for the fragrance experience with our diffusers: because they are hollow inside, they carry the fragrance much better than “normal” perfume sticks.

You don’t have to worry about the danger signs on the packaging of our diffusers. Because the oils in our diffusers are so pure, they are not suitable for consumption or (like all other oils) are not suitable for depositing in water. Nothing new, right?!

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