Shampoobars Shampoo Bar can Peach


Shampoobars Shampoo Bar can Peach

Protect your Shampoo Bar and take it with you everywhere in this handy travel tin!

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Shampoo bars


Shampoobars Shampoo Bar can Peach

Protect your Shampoo Bar and take it with you everywhere in this handy travel tin!

Shampoo Bars can

With the shampoo bar tin you can easily take your Shampoo or Body Bar with you on holiday or to the gym. Because the shampoo bar contains no liquid, you can simply take it with you in your hand luggage. Leaking bottles are passe! Make sure the bar is dry before storing it. This way you can easily remove it and make optimal use of it. If your bar remains too wet and cannot dry properly, the bar will become soft and crumble easily. There is also a chance that you use too much product and your bar will run out sooner.

Make optimal use of your Bar

A Shampoo Bar lasts about 80 washes. This is an average and depends on, for example, the thickness of your hair and how much product you use. It is important to store your Shampoo Bar properly, so that your Bar can dry properly on, for example, a bamboo soap dish and it will last longer.

Tips for traveling

If you are traveling and don’t have room for a draining dish, we share some tips here to help your Bar dry faster:

  • Place in the refrigerator immediately after use
  • Wrap two hair elastics around the bottom part of your travel can. This way your Bar can drain and dry properly. Wooden rudder or popsicle sticks will also suffice
  • Use a Shampoo Bar bag to let your Bar dry
  • Make a kind of draining dish with a number of (clean) wooden twigs. Have fun crafting!
  • For more sustainable travel tips, please refer to our blog 

Which bars fit in the can?

All our Shampoo Bars and Body Bars fit in the can. The Conditioner Bars do not fit straight into the can, but they do fit after they have been used a number of times. So take this into account before you order your Bars and want to take them with you. New Conditioner? Put an elastic band around the can or use a shampoo bar bag and take it with you in your toiletry bag.

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Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars


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