Myrro Intensive Lift Eye Serum 15ml


“Blue Lotus – Copper petides” antiwrinkle eye serum for reducing dark circles & pufiness.

Main action: Firming – Lifting – Reduces dark circles- Reduces puffiness (bags)- Smoothes wrinkles

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“Blue Lotus – Copper petides” antiwrinkle eye serum for reducing dark circles & pufiness.

Main action: Firming – Lifting – Reduces dark circles- Reduces puffiness (bags)- Smoothes wrinkles

Α pure source of bio-energy which can naturally diffuse into skin, re-energising aged fibroblasts and triggering essential elements to produce high quality collagen and elastin, reducing lines and wrinkles.

It ensures that skin is looking healthier for longer, thanks to its remodeling and firming effects.

It strongly stimulates the proliferation of skin keratinocytes, increasing skin density and thickness.

It promotes circulation and has anti-inflammatory action, reducing puffiness & dark circles.

– Stimulates the production of collagen & elastin

– Promotes cell renewal

– Reduces dark circles & bags under the eyes

– Smoothens fine lines & deep wrinkles


Blue Lotus – Nymphaea Caerulea Flower Extract

Also known as Egyptian Lotus or Blue Water Lily, Blue Lotus is an extremely rare oil. It is indigenous to Egypt and India. It is wild harvested, fairly and organically managed. It is not steam distilled but with the use of a solvent so as not to damage its delicate flowers.

Squalene, the main chemical component of Blue Lotus is a natural means of moisturising our skin. In addition, the benzyl alcohol that it contains gives a clean, healthy skin. It smoothens wrinkles, reduces pores and helps improve the appearance of skin, while also providing antioxidant effects.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the aromatherapeutic qualities of the Blue Lotus. It has a calming and soothing effect, promotes sleep and its smell causes feelings of euphoria. It helps in meditation, activates the “third eye” and dispells negative emotions and thoughts.


Copper Peptides & Amino Acids

Glycerin, Water, Methylglucoside Phosphate, Copper Lysinate/Prolinate.

Copper peptides, as well as amino acids, proline and lysine when diffused into the skin, activate the necessary elements for the production of collagen and elastin, directly contributing to the reduction of wrinkles and improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Copper peptides are tiny protein fragments with strong binding to copper ions. They are found naturally in the human body and according to many studies, they regulate the expression of a large number of human genes involved in the aging process, reversing it to a state of cell renewal. More specifically, they encourage the stem cells of the skin to accelerate cell renewal and regenerate the tissues, while they also contribute to the stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin, substances necessary for the promotion of a healthy and youthful skin. In addition, they activate the wound healing process by limiting the formation of scars, while at the same time offering significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, protecting the skin from irritation.

Proline is an amino acid necessary for the reconstruction of tissues and muscles, as well as for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, while lysine participates in the synthesis of proteins and effectively contributes to the structure of tissues and the healing of wounds.

Copper peptide creams cause improvement in skin laxity, help reduce lines and wrinkles, and increase skin density and thickness.

Face young and firm without the use of a needle. Visible results within the first two weeks.

Lupine extract

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract.

It is an anti-aging and firming ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of a high-quality collagen to increase elasticity and firmness in the skin, helping to reshape the contour of the face. It is made from lupeol, which is extracted from the sweet white lupine seed coat by a patented process. After being extracted, lupeol is dissolved in sunflower oil and then semi-refined and stabilized by adding natural tocopherol. Lupine plants are grown using sustainable farming practices in France. It works by stimulating the production of HSP47 in the skin. HSP47 is a type I collagen chaperone protein that helps synthesize good quality procollagen I.

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