Our MuC My useful Cup® is a light, compressible drinking cup for drinking pleasure on the go. It’s a real flyweight at 115g with ample 350ml capacity and a barista-friendly height to fit under 99% of all coffee machines. The textile rubber band protects your hands from hot drinks and keeps the cup securely folded. It is ready for use in no time at all and stowed away to save space after use. Everything you need for a sustainable and delicious drink 2 go!


  • 350ml capacity
  • Ready to use in no time
  • 100% barista proofed
  • Protection from hot drinks
  • Lip & nose friendly
  • Drip-tight sealable and transportable after use
  • Stylish environmental statement
  • Vegan and without carbohydrates
  • 100% BPA and toxin free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Produced 100% climate and CO2 neutral
  • 100% Quality Made in Germany


When ready for use, the MuC measures 13 cm in height and 9 cm in diameter at its widest point.

When folded, the height is reduced to 5 cm and thus optimizes the MuC for taking with you.


The MuC can be dismantled into all its components and can therefore be thoroughly cleaned very easily.

A standard household dishwasher can be used without any problems!


A core element of our up2u brand is sustainability. This is associated with resource conservation, product longevity, use of high-quality materials and production in Germany, which is why the MuC is designed, engineered and even made in Germany.

The production of our MuC My useful Cup is certified in the areas of ecology, economy and social skills with the 2021 seal of approval “assured sustainability” by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economy (certificate number 5721 2840). In addition, the production of the cup is CO2 and climate neutral (certificate number 5721 2835).



As a hard plastic, ABS has very good abrasion resistance. In this way, we consciously counteract the formation of microplastics.

In addition, the stability and robustness of ABS ensures that the MuC has a long service life and provides optimal support when drinking.

Last but not least, the ABS plastic used is 100% recyclable and BPA-free.


Silicone is very durable, tear-resistant and UV-resistant, thus ensuring a long service life for the MuC.

Unlike most other plastics, silicone is produced without petroleum. The main component is silicon, which is obtained from sand, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.

Silicone withstands both very high and low temperatures, is free of harmful substances and does not require plasticizers. The silicone is also 100% recyclable.

Rubber band

The elastic is made of OEKO-Tex certified material.


With great attention to detail, we design our products according to our motto “Style meets concious”. Our design should be perceived consciously in order to promote more sustainable and conscious consumption. Our MuC My useful cup is therefore a stylish statement on the subject of sustainability for trendsetters and the style-conscious!

Our innovative product has been registered as a community design by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). There is currently no identical product on the market.


Additional information

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Our mission: So that big ideas can grow out of small ideas. We are convinced that we can only go a long way with many small steps. That is why we have made it our mission to develop better solutions for everyday and environmentally harmful products. Our essence: a foldable mug that embodies flexibility and comfort as well as functionality and elegant design. A daily companion for all connoisseurs of mobile drinking pleasure, which combines price-performance, resource conservation, as well as fair production and quality "Made in Germany". Now it's up to you to make a statement together for a better tomorrow. It's up to you! Martin Gruber & team

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