Moso Natural, the natural scent-free odor eliminator. Moso Bag is the natural way to freshen the air. Instead of covering up odors with artificial fragrance, the Moso Bag actually absorbs the odor and eliminates it for good. It does not need batteries or wires to work, it does not smell like anything and has absolutely no chemicals in it.
All you have to do is place the Moso Bag in your home and let the magic happen. Once a month, place the bag outside for at least one hour to rejuvanate.

It will reach the end of its effectiveness after two years. After that, recyle the bamboo charcoal into your garden or potted plant. Bamboo charcoal will enrich your soil and help plants to absorb nutrients and moisture.

This bag for the fridge is – as the name says – for use in the fridge. Next to the fact that it absorbs the odor, it will also absorb ethylene. The natural emitted gas that causes fruit and vegetables to ripen quickly. Therefore your fruit & vegetables will stay fresh for longer.

The size of Moso – bag for the Fridge in this packaging is:

11,5 x 13,3 x 2,5 cm.

The only ingredient is charcoal of the Moso bamboo. The bag is made of linen.

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Moso Natural


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