Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets are a responsible plastic-free approach to a healthy daily oral care routine. The tablets are natural, vegan,
travel-friendly and extremely fresh!

The fluoride-free Mint Charcoal version is enhanced with activated charcoal, which helps to keep your teeth naturally white by removing
the surface stains on your teeth.

Happy Tabs are really easy to use! Crush the toothpaste tablet between your teeth and brush them with a wet toothbrush; it will start to
to automatically foam!


One jar of Happy Tabs contains 80 toothpaste tablets, but they have been developed in such a way that you can split one tablet into two! This way you can have twice as much toothpaste as a jar of Happy Tabs!

* WITHOUT PLASTIC: Happy Tabs come in reusable glass jars.
* HAPPY TABS REFILL PACK: The Happy Tabs refill packs are made of cardboard and the inner sealing bag is made of biodegradable/compostable cellulose.

On the sustainability of our packaging solutions.
* ALL NATURAL: Vegan and naturally derived high quality ingredients that fight tooth decay and plaque.
* TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Unlike conventional liquid toothpastes, you can take your Happy Tabs with you without problems wherever you go.
* #YOUBRUSHWEDONATE: We like to give back. 5% of our profits are donated to foundations committed to environmental and social action.


Xylitol, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium bicarbonate, Kaolin clay , Activated Charcoal, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (don’t panic, this is not SLS! (Just a natural derived foamer from coconut), Natural Mint Aroma, Menthol.

*Toothpaste tablets are very delicate and sensitive to moisture. Therefore, they should be packaged in airtight containers that can retain moisture.

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Happy Tabs

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