Fackelmann Eco Friendly FSC Wooden Risotto Cooking Spoon 30cm


Curved wooden spatula for turning a steak in a frying pan.

This kitchen spatula allows you to stir food in a container without damaging it.

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Fackelmann Eco Friendly FSC Wooden Risotto Cooking Spoon 30cm

FSC wooden risotto spoon to prepare succulent risottos while taking care of the planet.

With this wooden risotto spoon you will be able to make delicious risottos with chorizo, vegetables or mushrooms, for example.


DIMENSIONS: 30 x 6.2 cm

CONTENTS: 1 wooden cooking spoon.

The Fackelmann risotto spoon is made of wood from ecologically managed forests. This allows you to cook local products with pleasure while respecting the planet. The wooden cooking spoon is useful for stirring your dishes and particularly your risotto which you can cook with chorizo, courgettes, carrots, mushrooms, but above all, parmesan and cream. Add vegetables to your risotto to consume enough during the day, do not forget, 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

Fackelmann France is a company specializing in the distribution of kitchen and pastry utensils as well as cake pans and baking sheets. The company tries to bring a certain ease in the way of cooking for everyone thanks to its clever utensils.

Fackelmann France kitchen utensils are offered to all types of cooks for simple, everyday use. Whisks, spatulas, ladles, peelers, cutting boards and many more are at your fingertips to prepare delicious, ever more original recipes.

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