Anae Menstrual Cup Large


Zero waste, economical, easy to use and maintain, the Anaé menstrual cup is your ally in all circumstances: home, sport, office, swimming pool etc.

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Anae Menstrual Cup Large

Zero waste, economical, easy to use and maintain, the Anaé menstrual cup is your ally in all circumstances: home, sport, office, swimming pool etc.

The size L menstrual cup is suitable for heavy flows and new mothers. It has a capacity of 28ml.
A small flower at the base of the cup makes it easier to grip when removing.
Each cardboard box contains a cup, detailed instructions and an organic cotton bag for storage and transport.

Made in France, they are made of medical grade platinum silicone and are subject to rigorous controls throughout their manufacture.

Why menstrual cups?
✔ No unnecessary dirt generation (zero-waste and environmentally friendly)
✔ Less chance of leakage
✔ No unpleasant odors
✔ Less sensitive to bacterial and fungal infections
✔ Absorbs up to 5x as much as a tampon
✔ Can be used throughout your entire menstrual cycle

Is the use of menstrual cups also a risk of TSS?

No product is 100% safe from the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, including the menstrual cup, but the risk is a lot less. Menstrual cups do not affect your mucous membrane. A cup does not absorb, but only collects.

How do I insert the cup?

Step 1: Wash your hands well before use.
Step 2: Fold the cup so that it forms a “C”
Step 3: Insert the cup, it is best to insert it horizontally.
Step 4: The cup will unfold itself (you may have to twist it first)
Step 5: A properly inserted cup forms a vacuum and will therefore not leak.

How do I remove the cup?

Step 1: Wash your hands well again
Step 2: Do not pull the cup out by the stem, but squeeze the bottom part of the cup and move it from left to right so that you can break the vacuum
Step 3: Make sure the cup is upright remains
Step 4: Empty the contents into your toilet or sink

You will find a detailed explanation about inserting and removing the cup in our e-book for beginners.

How do I replace the cup in a public area?

This is one of the most difficult points about using a menstrual cup. If you have found your fit, we recommend the following method if you want to empty the cup in a public space. Buy an extra cup and take the clean cup with you in a bag or waterproof bag that we use for our washable sanitary towels. Rinse the cup before entering the toilet. Empty the used cup and wrap it in toilet paper and store it in a (watertight) bag. Then you insert your other cup and clean your used cup and bag at home.

Can I keep the menstrual cup in all day?

Remove and empty your cup after a maximum of 12 hours.

How do I clean the cup?

After use, rinse the cup with running water. After your cycle you sterilize the cup, using the included Bamboozy sterilizer, suitable for sterilizing in the microwave.

Fill the sterilizer with water up to the first line. Place the cup with the stem upwards and close the lid. Do not close the lid completely, but let it rest on the edge so that the steam can escape. Set your microwave to 1000W in 1 minute. Be careful after sterilizing the sterilizer is hot! Let it cool down for a few minutes. After that, your cup is ready for use again!

Can I exercise with a menstrual cup?

One of the biggest advantages of a cup is that you can exercise, go to the sauna, swim, cycle, dance for hours and sleep through the night – without worries.

Do you have an IUD? Then we do not recommend using a menstrual cup.

Start menstruating more sustainably with the use of a menstrual cup!

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